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Idea is the seed always! Start with a sketch book and pencil. Sketch your idea/s and keep developing it till you feel your composition is what you conceived. Here you will use your medium like Pen & Ink, Washes, Pastels, Crayons, Acrylics, Oil Paints etc. etc. From various mini-paintings; which are yet rough though, but have that feel you originally imagined, you make selection for the final prints.
INTRODUCTION- what's new-
If you can draw and have the will to work and work hard then success has to be yours. Conventional mediums take lot of time and resources before one can feel one is capable of converting one's thoughts into reality on any canvas.
Next requirement, then, is the basic knowledge of PC and computer graphics or the technology related to graphics. It includes Digital Photography and Digital image processing but not as experts.
With these reuirements any one can be a Paintographer or in other words a Non-Toxic Printmaker in a very short time. The results are unbelievable even to the student himself!

What is Paintography (R) briefly...
Now technology takes over for a while till your mini-painting is into the Digital Domain. The image at required resolution is now your canvas. Now is the time you decide the final size of your Paintograph. Here you refine your elements or artifacts, add/remove/replace/modify etc., as you like and fine tune your final Paintograph. Experiment with all choices of palettes and final choice of medium/s.
Once the final Paintograph you feel is what you wanted its time for getting a large size de-saturated Hi-Res Print from service provider on your choice of paper or actual canvas.
Next is hand finishing the Paintograph. Keep looking at the image on PC and finish your Paintograph; the hand work required is not much of work but will vary from idea to idea. Bingo! Its ready for framing and sending for display in a gallery. Don't forget to title it and put your initials if you may like to!

The Paintographs on this web site can ordered through email. Please send email for prices, shipping and handling charges. The Paintoz can be ordered with or without Mounting/Framing etc., which will save cost and also provide the buyer to have it framed as per matching the interiors.

Paintography (R) bridges the gap between conventional visual art and digital technology but it is NOT pure digital art!

Technology is only an economising tool; the artist still; being the master, has to do the hand work for finished Paintograph or the final Print:
the most contemporary non-toxic PRINT MAKING system ever!
Its a marriage of ART & TECHNOLOGY.
Paintography (R) was created and coined by the author in 1982; after the birth of Amiga multi-processor graphics computers, after 15 years of extensive comparative study & research
of conventional art and digital media.