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Monday, October 03, 2011
(compiled by: nsir malik)
About thirty+ years I was sitting in my car, parked on road side, near Mozang crossing, Ferozepur road, Lahore. I had parked for lighting my cigarette as I never light or even do anything that might distract me from my attention to driving. It was a very hot day in; probably July, and having no AC I was already roasting in that scorching heat. The sun in early afternoon is always hottest and it really hurts if it shines directly onto your skin. The steering was so hot that I could hardly hold it for long.
As I lifted the lighter towards cigarette clamped in my lips a huge jolt from rear threw me towards steering and dashboard. There were no “Head Rests” in most of the cars and accordingly mine was without it. As I returned to seat rest with same jerk my head was towards sky. There was terrible pain in the neck. I could not move as I could not imaging what had happened. Suddenly an old man; around sixty as I recall, appeared at my driving side window with all imaginable apologies and saying he lost control saving a road crosser and brakes did not work. That is when I realized what was that shock and big bang as his car came to a dead stop by hitting mine from the rear.
I could; as I knew about whip lash and consequences. My neck was already living with an earlier accident’s after effects as my two vertebrae 5 & 7 were slightly dislodged and I had to wear neck collar off and on. I held my head with all the force I could afford by holding my hair for keeping it in a position where I could see the road. I requested the old man that damage had been done and I could not wait for any ambulance or such help. I asked him to help me turn my car around as my personal physician was close by; a few minutes’ drive from the spot of accident.
I drove in first gear with flashers ON; holding rather carrying my head in my hand, and reached the clinic. After a long honking the assistant came out. I told him to rush and get the doc out immediately with stiff neck collar. Mr Bokhari; yes that was my doc’s name, came running out and put that neck noose around my neck slightly too tight as it was a must. I was not to be moved through stretcher as lying down could be fatally dangerous. I could have paralysis as minimum after effect. I was still holding my head from hair while two attendants moved me, with strong arms one each under my arm pits. X-ray revealed the damage and some swelling that had come up. Medications were prscribed and office van transported me home in same upright painful position. It took long time reaching home as fast driving was not allowed by the doctor. I spent nearly a month in sitting position even at night. Then I was advised some heat treatment and the verdict that I had to wear neck collar; the hard one, 24/7 for the rest of my life. I really became a bionic man behaving like a robot. I could not see my feet even what to talk about legs and belly. It went on for nearly 15 years.
Then one evening a miracle; that I did NOT have any faith in, was passed onto me by a circus performer. It was a wedding reception and some professionals; it is usual here to call paid dancers to perform on weddings, were dancing on a small stage. I was obstructing the view of that angel; I remember him as that till date, and he got annoyed. I turned, with great effort to him, like a robot and told him my neck is damaged. He smiled and later burst into laughter saying ‘dear be a man, this happens to us quite often and we use Pipal Laakh with pure milk’. My eyes froze. I could not believe what he was saying. Inside my heart I was nearly laughing as top orthopaedics had told me to live like that for ever. But a faint voice from within said there was no harm in trying as I always believed in herbal and ‘ayurvedic’ medicines, coming from family of Hakeems. Both my grand fathers were known Hakeem or ‘vads’.
After the dance; known as MUJRA, was over I approached him and asked how to use it and from where to get it. He casually told me to go to grocery shop or any Hakim’s clinic and ask for Pipal Laakh; the gum that oozes out from the tree all over. Each morning and evening take one heaped tea spoon with a glass of pure milk; not skimmed milk, and use it for a month as the hurt was quite old.
The very moment I drove to a grocery shop and hesitantly; with very weak faith, mumbled fo Pipal Laakh. The man behind the counter asked how much. I said give me quarter kg. The price was like a joke; not even one third of a dollar.
I came home. Sat there staring in empty corner thinking if it works what a miracle it would be. I will have no damned collar 24/7. I will turn & toss in bed and sleep like I wish. Look all around me after ages. Oh I was day dreaming.
Next morning; half heartedly, dumped a teaspoon into my mouth and drank a glass full of pure fresh milk which I never drink normally. Evening before supper it was another dose. It continued for as I recall for next two weeks. I was scared to take the collar off. Gradually and slowly I untied the Velcro holder strips. The neck; due to being in cage for so many years, was now used to being a Robotic Neck, stiff as if ateel rod was inside. I did not move it for very long time. There was no pain any more. My sisters shouted with joy. My mother walked in and nearly fainted with joy seeing no collar and sat in that corner saying son be extra careful lest you damage it more. I took few steps but the shock from feet did not cause any pain. I slowly rather very slowly tried to turn left little, then a little to right, then tback to frontal view, there was not any kind of pain. Then after so many long years I looked up a little and then finally I saw my own two feet on the floor. Oh I was so happy and relieved. My sisters rubbed olive oil on my neck; which was forbidden even for touching for years by now. In following week I was fully back to normal except that neck muscles needed time to adjust if I wanted full movements. I drove my car after ages without collar and with NO FEAR from all cars around me. I could see traffic my left and right. I was so relieved that I forgot to complete the prescription and by the end of third week or so I did not remember to think about the medication.  I was on top of the world.
The prescription has already helped so many of my colleagues and acuantances and is being passed on.
Placed below are details on the Budha Tree. My belief is that wherever Budh & Hindus worship any plant there lies big secret medicinal values and for sure. I discovered Arjuna bark, and Cinnamon likewise as very effective and tested over hundreds of years for medicinal miracles.
· Kingdom : Plantae
· Division: Magnoliophyta
· Class: Magnoliopsida
· Order : Rosales
· Family : Moraceae
· Genus : Ficus
· Species : F. religiosa
· Scientific Name : Ficus religiosa
Other names : Bo tree, Bodhi tree, Sacred tree, Beepul tree, Pipers, Pimpal, Jari, Arani,Ashvattha, Ragi, Bodhidruma, Shuchidruma, Pipalla, Ashvattha and the Buddha tree are the other names used for the Banyan tree.
Description : Peepal is a large, fast growing deciduous tree. It has a heart shaped leaves. It is a medium size tree and has a large crown with the wonderful wide spreading branches. It shed its leaves in the month of March and April. The fruits of the Peepal are hidden with the figs. The figs are ripen in the month of May. The figs which contain the flowers grow in pairs just below the leaves and look like the berries. Its bark is light gray and peels in patches. Its fruit is purple in colour. It is one of the longest living trees.
Other Species : Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam, Artocarpus incissus L., Artocarpus nobilis Thw. Are some of the other species of the Peepal tree.
Location : Peepal tree is grown throughout India. It is mainly grown in State of Haryana, Bihar, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh. It is also found in the Ranthambore National Park in India. Pipal is also very common in Pakistan all over the country. But its medicinal values are not known nor availed except collecting the gum or Pipal Laakh. The Laakh is used for polishing wooden furniture if a certain tone is required.
Cultivation : Peepal tree is easily propagated through the seeds or through the cuttings. It can grow in any type of soil. Young peepal needs proper nourishment. It requires full sunlight and proper watering.
Medicinal uses : This tree of life has also got so many medicinal values. The juice of its leaves extracted by holding them near the fire can be used as the ear drop. Its power bark has been used to heal the wounds for years. The bark of the tree is useful in inflammations and glandular swelling of the neck. Its root bark is useful for stomatitis, clean ulcers, and promotes granulations. Its roots are also good for gout. The roots are even chewed to prevent gum diseases. Its fruit is laxative which promotes digestion and checks vomiting. Its ripe fruits are good for the foul taste, thirst and heart diseases. The powered fruit is taken for Asthma. Its seeds have proved useful in urinary troubles. The leaves are used to treat constipation.
Other uses : People in India collect the Peepal leaves, clean them, dry them and than paint them with the gold acrylic in order to preserve them for years. From the bark of the Peepal tree reddish dye is extracted. Its leaves are used to feed the camels and the elephants. When the leaves are dried they are used for the decoration purpose.
Cultural importance : Peepal tree has the great importance in India especially among the Buddhist who regard Peepal or Pipal tree as the personification of Buddha. Lord Buddha attained enlightenment mediating under the Peepal tree. It is regarded as the sacred tree and the people uses its leaves for the religious purposes. According to the Buddha - 'He who worships the Peepal tree will receive the same reward as if he worshiped me in person'.
The Peepal tree has its own symbolic meaning of Enlightenment and peace. People tie threads of white, red and yellow silk around it to pray for progeny and rewarding parenthood. Hindus in India hold the great spiritual regard for the Pipal Tree, they regard it as the tree beneath which Vishnu was born.
The tree has a very long life and provides rich shade for resting in hot weather. Once planted it grown on its own due to long roots which suck all the needed water etc., for its survival.

Major Benefits of Peepal
tree is of great medicinal value. Its leaves serve as a wonderful laxative as well as tonic for the body. It is especially useful for patients suffering from Jaundice. It helps to control the excessive amount of urine released during jaundice. The leaves of Peepal are highly effective in treating heart disorders. It helps to control the palpitation of heart and thereby combat the cardiac weakness. Ayurveda makes an extensive use of the leaves of peepal due to the numerous benefits it provides. To know more about the medicinal benefits of Peepal, read on.

For constipation problem, there can be no better remedy than the consumption of leaves of Peepal. Dry the Peepal leaves in sun and powder them. Add a solution of jaggery and anise to it. Mix it with water and consume it. This concoction will ensure proper bowel movement. The Indian basil peepal works wonders in treating dysentery. Prepare a mixture of grinded coriander leaves, peepal leaves and sugar and chew it slowly. The leaf of a peepal plant is also considered valuable in the treatment of various kinds of skin disorders.
Pipal leaves are of great use in getting rid of mumps. All one needs to do to avail the benefits of peepal plant is smear the leaves of Peepal with ghee and then warm it on low flame. After that, bandage it over the swollen inflamed part of the body. It is surely going to provide the patient with a great relief. Even for boils, this remedy will prove to be quite effective. In case of formation of pus, bandaging the leaves of Peepal will ensure that the growth subsides. But, it will give beneficial results only if the problem is in its preliminary stage.
The best thing about Pipal is its gum of LAAKH which cures all spinal pains and hurts etc.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Since time immemorial wheat is mostly used all over the world as basic food ingredient and most people eat it every day. It gives require energy eating alone or with any other item like gravies or meat etc. The wheat germ as it was discovered around hundred years ago contained an oil rich in vitamin E or Alpha-Tocopherol. The average meal usually taken thrice a day provided; as estimated by experts, when it was ground in water-mills and the husk or bran was not removed, approximately 2000 to 3000 IU as part of natural daily food. No wonder in ancient times people were much stronger, healthier, slow-aging and rarely; as recorded in ancient books, had major diseases like stroke, heart attack, cancer, Hepatitis B, C etc. Mostly people got well in comparatively shorter time and with minimum of medication. Research has proved that they somehow had a much stronger auto-immune system compared to present day state. There were no food supplements like vitamins and minerals as they ate fresh vegetables and fruits. They also drank normal water that was available through wells and streams etc. It all proves that there was some kind of antagonist as part of daily food that kept the auto-immune system at its best and all kinds of protections were provided by the body’s natural defense.  Then if required for treating any ailment it was all herbal treatment. Its also a fact that herbs have the minimum most side effects if at all. Still these days there are alternative treatments and cure is faster with the minimum side effects. I have on record over two dozen herbs that cure so many ailments without any side effects. Even Graviola; which is very effective against cancer, has so little side effects though some experts for reasons unknown keep writing that Graviola has serious side effects. I have used Graviola myself as an additional supplement with Arjuna Bark Tea for helping in curing heart problem. And to tell you the truth there were no side effects as mentioned by so many experts on the net. 
The first use for vitamin E as a therapeutic agent was conducted in 1938 by Widenbauer. Widenbauer used wheat germ oil supplement on 17 premature new born infants suffering from growth failure. Eleven out of the original 17 patients recovered and were able to resume normal growth rates. 

This early investigative work on the benefits of vitamin E supplementation was the gateway to curing the vitamin E deficiency caused hemolytic anemia described during the 1960s. Since then, supplementation of infant formulas with vitamin E has eradicated this vitamin’s deficiency as a cause for hemolytic anemia. The consensus in the medical community is that there is no good evidence to support health benefits from vitamin E supplementation in the short term, nor is there good evidence to support adverse effects on health. While some argue that taking more than 400 IU of vitamin E per day for extended periods may increase the risk of death others have shown that taking up to 5,500 IU per day has no adverse effects on health. I myself have been; and still, taking 600mg daily after break fast for the last forty or so years and I have NOT missed a single day till date. 
Vitamin E is used to refer to a group of fat-soluble compounds that include both  tocopherols
and  tocotrienols. There are many different forms of vitamin E, of which ?-tocopherol is the most common in the North American diet. ?-Tocopherol can be found in corn oil, soybean oil, margarine and dressings. a-Tocopherol, the most biologically active form of vitamin E, is the second most common form of vitamin E in the North American diet. This variant of vitamin E can be found most abundantly in wheat germ oil, sunflower, and safflower oils. It is a fat-soluble antioxidant that stops the production of reactive oxygen species formed when fat undergoes oxidation.
a-Tocopherol is an important lipid-soluble antioxidant. It performs its functions as antioxidant in what is known by the glutathione peroxidase pathway and it protects cell membranes from oxidation by reacting with lipid radicals produced in the lipid peroxidation chain reaction. This would remove the free radical intermediates and prevent the oxidation reaction from continuing. The oxidized a-tocopheroxyl radicals produced in this process may be recycled back to the active reduced form through reduction by other antioxidants, such as ascorbate,retinol or ubiquinol.
However, the importance of the antioxidant properties of this molecule at the concentrations present in the body are not clear and it is possible that the reason why vitamin E is required in the diet is unrelated to its ability to act as an antioxidant. Other forms of vitamin E have their own unique properties; for example, gamma-tocopherol is anucleophile that can react with electrophilic mutagens.
The antioxidant function is considered to be the most important function of vitamin E and is the one it is best known for. However, there are other functions that have also been recognized to be of importance. a-Tocopherol has a regulatory effect on enzymatic activities. For instance, protein kinase C (PKC), which plays a role in smooth muscle growth, can be inhibited by a-tocopherol. a-Tocopherol has a stimulatory effect on the dephosphorylation enzyme, protein phosphatase 2A, which in turn, cleaves phosphate groups from PKC leading to its deactivation, bringing the smooth muscle growth to a halt.
Vitamin E also has an effect on gene expression. Macrophages rich in cholesterol are found in the atherogenetic tissue. Scavenger receptor CD36 is a class B scavenger receptor found to be up-regulated by oxidized low density lipoprotein (LDL) and binds it. Treatment with alpha tocopherol was found to down regulate the CD36 scavenger receptor gene expression as well as the scavenger receptor class A (SR-A). In addition to the effect it has been shown to have on SRA and CD36, a-tocopherol also has an effect on expression of the connective tissue growth factor (CTGF). CTGF gene, when expressed, is responsible for the repair of the wounds and regeneration of the extracellular tissue that is lost or damaged during atherosclerosis.
Moreover, vitamin E also plays a role in neurological functions, and inhibition of platelet aggregation and it has even been suggested that the most important function of vitamin E is as a signaling molecule, and that it has no significant role in antioxidant metabolism.
So far, most studies about vitamin E have supplemented using only alpha-tocopherol, but doing so leads to reduced serum gamma- and delta-tocopherol concentrations. Moreover, a 2007 clinical study involving alpha-tocopherol concluded that supplementation did not reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events in middle aged and older men.
It is also reported that taking 400-600 mg 0f vitamin E helps in arthritis and slows down bone degradation due to age. I have suggested same to so many people who were in late 50’s for joint pain and they got back to normal life just after a month and it is their daily supplement at breakfast. Another wonderful tested treatment for serious burns is to use the wheat germ oil of Vit-E on the wound. It heals faster and there are no burn marks left.
Summary: A protein synthesized in the liver preferentially selects the natural form of vitamin E for distribution to the tissues. A special mouse strain without this protein and highly susceptible to atherosclerosis developed lesions larger and more complex than those in mice susceptible to atherosclerosis that have the protein. Measurements of lipid oxidation in the mice suggest that vitamin E inhibits atherosclerosis through its antioxidant properties. Taken together, these studies indicate that long-term optimal intake of vitamin E in humans may protect against heart disease.
The Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine report the following dietary reference intakes for vitamin E:
0 to 6 months: 4 mg/day
7 to 12 months: 5 mg/day

1 to 3 years: 6 mg/day
4 to 8 years: 7 mg/day
9 to 13 years: 11 mg/day
Adolescents and Adults:

14 and older: 15 mg/day
One IU of Vitamin E is 0.67 mg of RRR-alpha-tocopherol, or 0.45 mg of all rac-alpha-tocopherol
DIETARY SOURCES AND SUPPLEMENTS: (see the picture above)
The following foods are rich in vitamin E:
Wheat germ oil

Sunflower oil
Safflower oil
Nuts and nut oils, like almonds
and hazelnuts
Green leafy vegetables, like lettuce, spinach, turnip, beet, collard, and dandelion greens

Sweet potato (0.26 mg/100 g so it corresponds to 5.8 kg of potatoes per day of the recommended intake for adults if one can eat that much…)
Rockfish, Mangoes, Asparagus, Broccoli, Papayas, Avocados

Thursday, August 11, 2011
I have been a smoker all my life. I tried to quit many times; some times it was no smoking for six months even, but again i fell back into square one. i knew i belong to a family who eat lot of meat, are prone to blood pressure, diabetese and herart ailments. Most of my elders; I guess all, died of heart attack. The fear lirked there always and I have been worried, tense and at times depressed. Then the time came to the family's known point and had to face the heart doctors. They; I guess three top experts, on my last check up, to just get admitted and arrange funds for the costly process. It was couple of costly stents to be inserted and touch wood may be the open heart process. I froze there for few moments. Shocked I was to death. I guess I was pale as Turmeric powder.
But then I wave came to my mind carrying hope as I always had faith that the creator's machine if developed any fault there was a cure already there. One has to explore. I just asked the surgeons if stent was installed and if ever required removal? They said no way. I just laughed at them and told them how could you experts call it a cure when an alien body is inserted into human body there is a system that tries to expel or reject it at all times. For that you add a chain of medication which supresses the auto-immune system and meks one worse than a normal average person. Is it not going against the nature? They did not have any reply!
My grand parents; both the grand fathers i.e. from father & mother side were known Hakims. A Hakim is equal to a physician when modern time doctors were not there. The Ayurvedic medicine is still alternative choice for so many ailments. And that is a damn fact too.
I had studied herbal and  Ayurvedic books that my family inherited and later I bought my own too. I am a regular customer of for so many years and they are so amzingly efficient that any book I tell them is arranged for me. A very rare book Fortune In Formulas though I had but it had gone so old that turning pages would just break into pieces. I placed the order and to my amazement they arranged; though used, in just few days and I was so happy to have a fresh copy.
My knowledge of herbal medication is spread over last fifty plus years. I knew there are things that clean; just flush, both arteries and veins, then there are herbs & roots that can control blood pressure, arthritus, diabetese, spinal injuries etc etc. I used a self concocted formula comprising Arjuna, Garlic, Cinnmon, Ginger, Wheat Germ Oil, and Essentiale (An Alopathic sort of multivitamin), and used the tea made from those herbs excepting the Essentaile capsules. The wheat Germ Oil comes as capsules also called EVION. I was taking this herbal tea and after just forty days went for Angiography. The surgeons were amazed and repeated the test twice. They could not believe their eyes. The instruments were still inside my heart (through wrist artery) and they were asking me what did I do? Some started taking notes and others were so happy thinking their medication had worked wonders. I told them I never touched any of the prescribed medication; though then I was so scared for not following instructions.
The simple formula had worked wonders and they all took notes and am told by so many of them that they themselves are using it nearly each day and also prescribing to patients as a parallel treatment.
Why I have told you all that long story is that I am using that concoction of mine regularly and as I could not quit smoking I have to confess that I feel wonderfully back to normal at age 69+; touch wood!
I can send the formula to those who are interested; thoug its better to try and quit smoking, and if you can NOT then please use my elixer concoction and enjoy.
You may email me. I am in the process; as I donot have enough funds, of making it into a bottled paste that one can just eat each morning. The formula needs some measuring of various ingredients and all have to be boiled for around 15 minutes. It is strained and cooled before drinking. The process is quite a hassle but I do it as I need that cushion for carrying ON with my smoking.
God bless all! 

Cholestrol is not the cause
Monday, July 04, 2011
Cholesterol is NOT the Cause of Heart Disease
By Ron Rosedale, MD
Cholesterol is not the major culprit in heart disease or any disease. If it becomes oxidized it can irritate/inflame tissues in which it is lodged in, such as the endothelium (lining of the arteries). This would be one of numerous causes of chronic inflammation that can injure the lining of arteries. However, many good fats are easily oxidized such as omega-3 fatty acids, but it does not mean that you should avoid it at all costs.
Common sense would indicate that we should avoid the oxidation (rancidity) of cholesterol and fatty acids and not get rid of important life-giving molecules. Using the same conventional medical thinking that is being used for cholesterol would lead one to believe that doctors should reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease by taking out everybody's brain.
In fact, cholesterol is being transported to tissues as part of an inflammatory response that is there to repair damage.
The fixation on cholesterol as a major cause of heart disease defies the last 15 years of science and deflects from real causes such as the damage (via glycation) that sugars such as glucose and fructose inflict on tissues, including the lining of arteries, causing chronic inflammation and resultant plaque.
Insulin & Leptin Resistance
Hundreds of excellent scientific articles have linked insulin resistance and more recently leptin resistance to cardiovascular disease much more strongly than cholesterol, and they are in fact at least partially responsible for cholesterol abnormalities. For instance, insulin and leptin resistance result in "small dense" LDL particles and a greater number of particles.
This is much more important than the total cholesterol number. Because of particle size shift to small and dense, the total LDL cholesterol could still be low even though the number of particles and the density of the particles is greater. Small, dense LDL particles can squeeze between the cells lining the inside of the arteries, the "gap junction" of the endothelium, where they can get stuck and potentially oxidize, turn rancid, and cause inflammation of the lining of the arteries and plaque formation.
Importantly, many solid scientific studies have shown a mechanistic, causal effect of elevated insulin and leptin on heart and vascular disease, whereas almost all studies with cholesterol misleadingly only show an association. Association does not imply cause. For instance, something else may be causing lipid abnormalities such as elevated cholesterol and triglycerides, and also causing heart disease.
This "something else" is improper insulin and leptin signaling. Similarly, sugar does not cause diabetes; sugar is just listening to orders. Improper insulin and leptin signaling is the cause of diabetes. Likewise, cholesterol does not cause heart disease, but improper metabolic signals including improper signals to cholesterol (causing it to oxidize) and perhaps to the liver that manufactures the cholesterol, will cause heart and vascular disease and hypertension.
Removing cholesterol will do nothing to improve the underlying problems, the real roots of chronic disease, which will always have to do with improper communication, and the generals of metabolic communication are insulin and leptin. They are really what must be treated to reverse heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, obesity, and to some extent aging itself.
Cholesterol; Wrongly Accused?
Before we can begin to talk about the real cause and effective treatment for heart and blood vessel disease, we must first look at what is known, or I should say what we think we know. The first thing that comes to mind when one hears about heart disease is almost always cholesterol. Cholesterol and heart disease has been almost synonymous for the last half-century. Cholesterol has been portrayed as the Darth Vader to our arteries and our heart.
The latest recommendation given by a so-called panel of "experts" recommends that a person's cholesterol be as low as possible, in fact to a level so low they say it cannot be achieved by diet, exercise, or any known lifestyle modification. Therefore, they say cholesterol-lowering drugs; particularly the so-called "statins" need to be given to anyone at high risk of heart disease. Since heart disease is the number one killer in this country that would include most adults and even many children. The fact that this might add to the $26 billion in sales of statin drugs last year I'm sure played no role in their recommendations.
Or did it?
Expert Conflict of Interests
Major consumer groups think so. They found out that eight of the nine "experts" that made the recommendations were on the payroll of pharmaceutical companies that manufacture those drugs. Major scientific organizations have chastised medical journals for allowing the pharmaceutical industry to publish misleading results and half-truths. There is a major push under way to force the pharmaceutical industry (and others) to publish results of all of their studies, and not just the ones that appear positive. The studies that showed negative results would be forced to be published also.
It could be that lowering cholesterol might not be as healthy as we are being told. More and more studies are coming out showing just how unhealthy lowering cholesterol might be, particularly by the use of statin drugs. In particular, statin drugs have been shown to be harmful to muscles causing considerable damage. A common symptom of this damage is muscular aches and pains that many patients experience on cholesterol-lowering drugs, however most do not realize that these drugs are to blame.
Hmm...isn't the heart a muscle?
Statin Drugs Actually Increase Heart Disease
Indeed, low cholesterol levels have been shown to worsen patients with congestive heart failure, a life-threatening condition where the heart becomes too weak to effectively pump blood. Statin drugs have been shown to also cause nerve damage and to greatly impair memory. One reason that statin drugs have these various serious side effects is that they work by inhibiting a vital enzyme that manufactures cholesterol in the liver. However, the same enzyme is used to manufacture coenzyme Q10, which is a biochemical needed to transfer energy from food to our cells to be used for the work of staying alive and healthy.
Statin drugs are known to inhibit our very important production of coenzyme Q10. Importantly, while many cardiologists insist that lowering cholesterol is correlated with a reduction in the risk of heart attacks; few can say that there is a reduction in the risk of mortality (death). That has been much harder to show. In other words it has never been conclusively shown that lowering cholesterol saves lives. In fact, several large studies have shown that lowering cholesterol into the range currently recommended is correlated with an increased risk of dying, especially of cancer.
No Such Thing as Good and Bad Cholesterol
Because the correlation of total cholesterol with heart disease is so weak, many years ago a stronger correlation was sought. It was found that there is so-called "good cholesterol" called HDL, and that the so-called "bad cholesterol" was LDL. HDL stands for high-density lipoprotein, and LDL stands for low-density lipoprotein. Notice please that LDL and HDL are lipoproteins -- fats combined with proteins. There is only one cholesterol. There is no such thing as a good or a bad cholesterol. Cholesterol is just cholesterol. It combines with other fats and proteins to be carried through the bloodstream, since fat and our watery blood do not mix very well.
Fatty substances therefore must be shuttled to and from our tissues and cells using proteins. LDL and HDL are forms of proteins and are far from being just cholesterol. In fact we now know there are many types of these fat and protein particles. LDL particles come in many sizes and large LDL particles are not a problem. Only the so-called small dense LDL particles can potentially be a problem, because they can squeeze through the lining of the arteries and if they oxidize, otherwise known as turning rancid, they can cause damage and inflammation. Thus, you might say that there is "good LDL" and "bad LDL." Also, some HDL particles are better than others. Knowing just your total cholesterol tells you very little. Even knowing your LDL and HDL levels do not tell you very much.
A mistake that is rarely made in the hard-core sciences such as physics seems to be frequently made in medicine. This is confusing correlation with cause. There may be a weak correlation of elevated cholesterol with heart attacks, however this does not mean it is the cholesterol that caused the heart attack. Certainly gray hair is correlated with getting older; however one could hardly say that the gray hair caused one to get old. Using hair dye to reduce the gray hair would not really make you any younger. Neither it appears would just lowering your cholesterol.
Perhaps something else is causing both the gray hair and aging. Even if elevated cholesterol were significant and heart disease (which I question) perhaps something else is causing the elevated cholesterol and also causing the heart disease.
Let's look little more at cholesterol or, as Paul Harvey was fond of saying, "the rest of the story." First and foremost, cholesterol is a vital component of every cell membrane on Earth. In other words, there is no life on Earth they can live without cholesterol. They will automatically tell you that, in of itself, it cannot be evil. In fact it is one of our best friends. We would not be here without it. No wonder lowering cholesterol too much increases one's risk of dying. Cholesterol also is a precursor to all of the steroid hormones. You cannot make estrogen, testosterone, cortisone, and a host of other vital hormones without cholesterol.
Cholesterol Is The Hero, Not The Villain.
It was determined many years ago that the majority of cholesterol in your bloodstream comes from what your liver is manufacturing and distributing. The amount of cholesterol that one eats plays little role in determining your cholesterol levels. It is also known that HDL shuttles cholesterol away from tissues, and away from your arteries, back to your liver. That is why HDL is called the "good cholesterol;" because it is supposedly taking cholesterol away from your arteries. But let's think about that.

    Why does your liver make sure that you have plenty of cholesterol?

    Why is HDL taking cholesterol back to your liver?

    Why not take it right to your kidneys, or your intestines to get rid of it?

It is taking it back to your liver so that your liver can recycle it; put it back into other particles to be taken to tissues and cells that need it. Your body is trying to make and conserve the cholesterol for the precise reason that it is so important, indeed vital, for health.
One function of cholesterol is to keep your cell membranes from falling apart. As such, you might consider cholesterol your cells "superglue." It is a necessary ingredient in any sort of cellular repair. The coronary disease associated with heart attacks is now known to be caused from damage to the lining of those arteries. That damage causes inflammation. The coronary disease that causes heart attacks is now considered to be caused mostly from chronic inflammation.
What Is Inflammation?
Think of what happens if you were to cut your hand. Within a fraction of a second, chemicals are released by the damaged tissue to initiate the process known as inflammation. Inflammation will allow that little cut to heal, and indeed to keep you from dying. The cut blood vessels constrict to keep you from bleeding too much. Blood becomes "thicker" so that it can clot. Cells and chemicals from the immune system are alerted to come to the area to keep intruders such as viruses and bacteria from invading the cut. Other cells are told to multiply to repair the damage so that you can heal. When the repair is completed, you have lived to be careless another day, though you may have a small scar to show for your troubles.
We now know that similar events take place within the lining of our arteries. When damage occurs to the lining of our arteries (or even elsewhere) chemicals are released to initiate the process of inflammation. Arteries constrict, blood becomes more prone to clot, white blood cells are called to the area to gobble up damaged debris, and cells adjacent to those damaged are told to multiply. Ultimately, scars form, however inside our arteries we call it plaque. And the constriction of our arteries and the "thickening" of our blood further predisposes us to high blood pressure and heart attacks.
So Where Might Cholesterol Fit Into All Of This?
When damage is occurring and inflammation is being initiated, chemicals are being released so that that damage can be repaired. One could speculate that to replace damaged, old and worn-out cells the liver needs to be notified to either recycle or manufacture cholesterol since no cell, human or otherwise, can be made without it. In this case, cholesterol is being manufactured and distributed in your bloodstream to help you repair damaged tissue and in fact to keep you alive.
If excessive damage is occurring such that it is necessary to distribute extra cholesterol through the bloodstream, it would not seem very wise to merely lower the cholesterol and forget about why it is there in the first place. It would seem much smarter to reduce the extra need for the cholesterol -- the excessive damage that is occurring, the reason for the chronic inflammation.
So Why Take Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs?
The pharmaceutical companies thought that you might think that. They went back to the drawing board. They did more "research" and found (coincidentally) that statin drugs had anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore we're currently being told to stay on our cholesterol-lowering drugs because now they work by reducing inflammation and perhaps not even by reducing cholesterol, and in fact perhaps in spite of it. Aspirin reduces inflammation for a lot less money. So does vitamin E, and fish oil, and dietary changes without the dangers of drugs and having many other benefits instead.
What About Triglycerides?
Triglycerides are just medical terminology for fat. A person with high triglycerides has a lot of fat in the bloodstream. Triglycerides are generally measured when a person has fasted overnight. High fasting triglycerides are either from manufacturing too much, or using (burning) too little. In other words, what high triglycerides are telling you is that you are making too much fat and you are unable to burn it. This indeed is a major problem. The inability to burn fat underlies virtually all of the chronic diseases of aging, and in fact may contribute to the rate of aging itself.
As such, one might think that the control of fat burning and storage might be very important in heart disease, and the other diseases of aging such as diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, and even cancer. Indeed, this appears to very much be the case. The two hormones that to a major extent control our ability to burn and store fat, insulin and leptin, appear to play a major role in all of the chronic diseases of aging. I would call them the most important hormones, indeed chemicals in the entire body. But that is a story for next time.

Monday, July 04, 2011
I come from a family known for heart attacks, blood pressure & cholestremia. We are 12 others & sisters and; touch wood, excepting myself all have some problem related to heart and it starts early around 38th year. My younger brother, just two years younger had his bypass at age 38 and second one at around 48, and he is in UK awaiting heart transplant as third is not possible in his case due to age factor etc.
Before I start my personal dilema I wish to thank and remind people that any thing; from books to medications etc, I always click on and I wish to thank them for helping me in my speedy, rather magical, recovery.
I had known that heart disease in the family as all my ancesteral links died of heart attacks and most under 55 years of age. I had been doing research and way back in late thirtees discovered that all major ailments had some link some where with meats. I turned vegetarian before I hit 40. That provided me further margin for additional work on heart diseases and others too.
My grand father; both maternal and paternal, were Hakeems (Ayurevedic Healers) so I inherited some knowledge about herbs and their safety in cures. Then I had deep interest in studying medicines as I have been a chemistry major student. Same led me to keep an eye on Homoeopathic medicines as they are also chemical based but work on different system and principles. Gradually my experiments opened new venue that all three types can be combined to get better, quicker and safer cures.
I had known medical bebefits of herbs like Ginger, Garlic, Cinamen, Mint, Turmeric, Ginsing, Arjun bark, Eucliptus bark, Pineapple, Papaya etc., and others like Fish Oil, Vitamin E, Aspirin etc.
What shocked me with a surprise that; I am a smoker also, I also developed heart problem. One test led to the next and finally ETT expert advised immediate admission and go for few stents or , God forbid bypass..... I nealy had a heart attack as I heard the final verdict. But my research and faith in The Creator helped me escape the surgeons and I went home.
At home I sent the driver to go and visit every Ayurvedic shop and look for Arjun (Arjuna) bark, and at the same time I went straight to my favorite link and typed ARJUN and there it was. But shipment etc could take two to four weeks and I did NOT have time. I placed my order and while I was on net my driver called that he had located just one vendor having around quarter kg of the Arjuna bark and demanded Rs. 500/- or US$ 6/-, which was costly comparatively. I told him pay and take posession of the bark. Then I asked him to let me have a word with the Hakeem Sahib as they are called.... I told Hakeem Sahib that if he had asked Rs. fifty thousand for it I was willing to pay....
As it arrived I immediately crushed it into small pieces and then into the grinder. The powder was raedy. I could not wait for boiling it for 15 minutes and make the required tea. As it was boiling I took first half tea spoon of powder with water. Later after every three hours I was drinking the Arjun tea..... In three days I started to feel better. As I was all time in tension the fory days passed with great sifficulty as after that I had the date for angiography and God knows what.....In about a month's time my Arjuna capsules also arrived. And in that time I had explored and located Arjun trees in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and gave the locations to so many people also......
On forty second day I was in Punjab Institute of Cardiology, Lahore and all prcautionery preparations were lined up. At the end of angio the three surgeons; they all knew me well, stated to dance. I asked what was the matter as the tubes were still inside my heart and they were rejoicing........Oh as they stopped to talk to me I must have missed few beats.....but they shouted man you have a brand new heart....what did you do...did you take all the medications presscribed....I told them I took Loprin (Aspirin) for the first week or so but nothing else except Arjuna tea.....They were shocked. Silence prevailed...Then they took notes and asked about its details. I gave them one of of my web addresses: where a full compiled article was available on starting page. It still is there. The doctors were so impressed that they said I was allowed to smoke but moderately please!
On my return I started collecting fresh bark myself. My wife dries it in the sun and gets it grounded from market mills. We ship packets of Arjuna powder to needy heart patients every week a couple of time and its all free of charges. It cures Arthritus also as few users wrote to me they now go for long walks............ Its now over a year and half that I take Arjun tea each morning first thing and have no complaints whatsoever....
My faith is: God The Creator has created cure for all ailments!
And my motto is: "I GET BY GIVING"